Groynes Park Lifestyle Village

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Site:  Belfast, Christchurch

Masterplan concept completed: 2016

Services provided:

  • Brief development
  • Site investigation
  • Project visualisations

Project overview

A lifestyle village is more than simply a collection of homes. It’s a neighbourhood built to gradually encourage an evolving diversity. Groynes Park is such a community: a mix of housing that appeals to a wide range of people with shared spaces and amenities for everyone to enjoy and all tied together with attractive landscaping.

We relished working on this project next to the Groynes reserve in the north of the city –creating a masterplan for more than 200 homes on the 4.2ha site zoned residential new neighbourhood. In designing the entire development (as opposed to just certain elements, which can be the approach with new subdivisions), we were able to create a cohesive environment that maximises space and forms a harmonious whole. The village’s visual identity is well defined by a material and colour palette of natural tones and textures that sit easily within the surrounding landscape, yet each element still has individuality and a sense of character.

Hero features include a clubhouse in which people can gather to socialise and share a meal, and grouped parking areas that ensure cars don’t dominate the shared spaces. Ponds and swales, pocket courtyards and reserves, and informal meeting places enhance the landscaping. The village is in easy walking and cycling distance of nearby shops and eateries, and is connected to the neighbouring public reserve via an underpass.

Thoughtful masterplanning and smart design results in a desirable place to dwell, a smooth consents process and an infinitely saleable asset.

“We engaged Context to design a masterplanned 240-unit lifestyle village. Their work is technically and aesthetically outstanding. They’re prompt, efficient, reliable and great to deal with”Marketing Manager, Groynes Park, Hamish Lamont