Westlake Boys’ High School

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School refurbishment

Site: North Shore, Auckland

Completion: 2017

Services provided:

  • Site surveys
  • Options testing
  • Architectural design
  • Project visualisations
  • Tender documentation

Project overview

You spend a lot of time at work, so you appreciate your work environment being as functional and attractive as possible.

That was our thinking behind an upgrade for the library office and staff facilities at Westlake Boys’ High School, in Forrest Hill, on Auckland’s North Shore.

We simplified the office area to provide better visual and spatial connections with the library, making it more available to all staff, rather than a closed environment.

We added a second check-in-check-out area so staff don’t have to get up and down all the time, and we added a new kitchen area.

Finally, we brightened it up by putting in an all-new front, making the area look cleaner, fresher, and more uplifting.

The upgrade is part of a series of refurbishments we have been undertaking at Auckland Schools. We want to create flexible, innovative spaces that provide a stimulating learning environment for kids – and we want to design great spaces for teachers and support staff, too.

Naturally, we’re conscious of pressure on the education dollar, and ensure the upgrades represent excellent value for money into the future.

“Context provided a good solution to an out dated design and we were happy with the cost. ”
David R. Ferguson, Headmaster, Westlake Boys’ High School