Westpac Northwest


New retail interior

Site: Northwest mall, Massey

Completion : 2016

Services provided:

  • Brief development
  • Architectural design
  • Project visualisations
  • Council liaison
  • Liaison with builders
  • Contract administration
  • Site observation
  • Project management

Project overview

2016 RED Retail Design Award, service, medical and sports and recreation award winner.

A new mall is a new opportunity to engage with customers in ways that really suit them. Westpac’s brief to us for their new branch at Northwest shopping mall was to:

- Maximise customer convenience
- Use technology to make retail banking as easy as all the other ways customers can bank
- Provide secure after-hours access
- Create a polished, comfortable experience
- Balance the cost of the materials with their longevity
- Make life easier for parents by offering a warm welcome to children

The result was a strong, bold store with technology at its heart to introduce customers to new ways of banking and enable staff to help more customers more quickly. Customers select from the central high-tech pod of machines, concierge-service and web-based apps, accessed via various in-store devices and being shown how to use them in-store so they can do it themselves from home in future.

Smart technology integration enables anyone to do anything, anytime – even video conference agri-business specialists afterhours! Bringing technology inside eliminates the need for ATMs outside, and opens up the shopfront for dramatic, panoramic sightlines into the store.

A secure line is activated afterhours to maintain access to the banking lounge, transforming the traditional secure lobby to offer a lively, experiential front-of-house experience. Space is generous, well-appointed and feels safe; comfort is not compromised by security considerations.

Design elements including vibrant Ws, contrasting reds and whites and confident textures create a quality brand ambience that builds customer connections. Bespoke funny face stools are a comfortable place to children.

Depth and interest is delivered through mirrors and contrasting textures like slatted wood (with beachcombed quality in a nod to the location.)

Halos (of recycled fishing net carpet to the floor and the wooden slatted lights above) accentuate the technology pod and hydraulic sit-stand concierge desk. Playing with floor angles creates interest, draws customers towards the carousel and elegantly resolves the connection with awkwardly sloped mall floor.