We have a passion for technology and its ability to change the world. We create immersive virtual experiences so you have a deeper understanding and influence on how your project looks and feels long before its built. For better forms, built faster.

Think first. Design better. We provide strategic advice to help you determine what to build, why and how. We anticipate the forces that affect how we live and work today and tomorrow. From market analysis, brief development, site and feasibility studies through to national property network management, we manage the interplay between business and design strategy.

We masterplan developments to make better places for people. Spaces that maximise wellbeing, community and investor returns. We take a strategic approach to your site that starts with research and evaluation, and ends with successful, sustainable design that benefits everyone.

Our architects and designers create inspiring buildings that lift people’s lives.
High-performance buildings that stand the test of time and consume less than they contribute.

When you need more from your existing building, we will transform it to improve performance and add value. We can help you reimagine, reconfigure and reinvigorate. We’ll optimise your asset to make it look better and work harder for you.

We believe in the power of design to improve lives. Our work on failing buildings is at the sharp end of this. Our approach simplifies complexity and adds value through design. We stop the leaks, reduce pain and recoup worth. Strong project management and collaboration maximise returns.

At Context we create spaces to enable creativity to flourish. Great interior design makes people feel good . It creates the environment for innovation and collaboration. We specialise in powerful brand expression to bring your strategy to life.